if you're a pouter, you're not a sprouter - you just look like an idiot.

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Craig Anderson at Dbah, Australia. This was the day I met Craig, as well as my first time shooting him. It took 4 hours of swimming against wicked currents, clouds of sea lice, jellyfish and the ever-changing sandbars to finally lineup for this shot. When Surfer Magazine ran it, it was my first double page spread, making it all worth it :)


What does this mean??

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Mike & Robert
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Shapes with Noa.
photo by Josh Simpson
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Ph: Andrew Shield
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Kanoa Igarashi
Ph: Jimmicane
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Kelly Slater wows the crowd at the Quik Pro Snapper contest a couple years back.
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this is john. happily stoked with a bird. perfect timing
ph: domenic mosqueira

this is so cute
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Albert Falzon’s first film ‘Morning of the Earth’ (1972) was the film that inspired a generation of surfers to leave their home breaks and wander the globe in search of spiritual harmony and perfect waves


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